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Buy Pallets in Leeds or surrounding towns across Yorkshire

Any business looking to buy pallets in Leeds or the surrounding area should look no further than Northern Pallet Management. As the city’s leading provider of wooden pallets, we can be relied upon to deliver high-quality pallets that meet all domestic and international shipping and haulage regulations.

Pallets for Sale

Our reconditioned wooden pallets are all constructed to the same high standards. You can buy pallets in all shapes and sizes, suitable for a range of industry sectors. Whether you need heavy-duty pallets for international shipping or warehouse pallets for storage, we have you covered.

Reliable Pallet Vendor

At Northern Pallet Management, our pallets for sale are of the highest quality reconditioned stock, you will not be disappointed. Our pallets are heat-treated to meet ISPM-15 standards . This reduces moisture and destroys insects, larvae, and fungus, making them suitable for international shipping. We do all provide non heat treated pallets.

Pallets for Sale at Best Prices

We believe in giving our Leeds clients value for their money how large or small their order. With our extensive stock of wooden pallets, you are able to buy in volume, further reducing the per unit cost of your pallets. Your final price includes delivery to your site by our experienced team of drivers.

Why Choose Northern Pallet Management?

High Quality
Fast Turnaround
There are plenty of reasons to choose us when looking for pallets for sale in Leeds or a town in Yorkshire.

As a local firm, we know the area well, ensuring a fast turnaround on all orders and a prompt delivery. We offer you the best prices and exceptional customer service every time you order from us and we guarantee customer satisfaction.

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To buy new and reconditioned pallets in Leeds, call Northern Pallet Management today on 07723 616 732 or send an email to for our current prices.
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