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Sell Pallets in Leeds or a surrounding Yorkshire town

As the leading pallet purchasing company in Leeds, we are always available for any local business looking to sell used pallets. Whether they are in top condition or in need of repair, we will collect all your unwanted wooden pallets from you, paying top prices upfront.

Sell Your Unwanted Pallets

Whether your pallets are broken and no longer suitable for use, or you simply have an overstock, why let them sit there gathering dust? Sell your unwanted wooden pallets to Northern Pallet Management and we will collect them directly from you. We have our own team to handle the lifting and loading and we pay top prices for all pallets.

Pallet Purchasing Company

At Northern Pallet Management, we accept all standard size wooden pallets, please contact us for any odd sized pallets. This includes broken and damaged pallets, which we repair, restore, and recondition so they can be sold onto our clients across Leeds.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When you sell pallets to Northern Pallet Managements, you are doing your bit for the environment. Rather than letting your old pallets end up in landfill or a bonfire, you are giving them a new lease of life. Used and broken pallets are reconditioned at our Leeds facility and sold on, making their way back into the supply chain, without any additional wasting of resources.

Why Choose Northern Pallet Management?

High Quality
Fast Turnaround
There are plenty of reasons to choose us when you want to sell pallets in Leeds.

We are a local firm with our own fleet of vehicles, so we can guarantee a prompt and punctual arrival on all collections. We pay top prices for used pallets, either in cash upfront, or via invoice. We are fast, efficient, and reliable in all our dealings, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get In Touch

To sell used and broken pallets in Leeds or surrounding Yorkshire towns, call Northern Pallet Management today on 07723 616 732 or send an email to for our current prices.

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